Today i brought my laptop to the Australia National
Library because Jessy told me that i can use their
free wireless network there. But after taking 2-bus
and carring this big laptop to the lib., i was so
sad and found i can not use it to connect to
the internet....

i tried to ask for help, and one of the staff here
told me that the wireless network here will not
connect automatically, what i should do is to register
for the member of this lib. So i did it!

the staff enwork my member card and told me my ID
and password, i was very happy that i finally
can type in chinese!!

However, it did not work!!!

i can not find the place to enter my ID and password
at all! the laptop always connect to the internet
automatically instead of giving me the instruction 
to enter the information...

but the internet is ONLY working about the website
of the lib, all i can review is the content of the lib.
i can not connet to other place such as google, yahoo,
and my blog....

the staff said it is too strange, people always find
the place to enter the ID & password, then they can
succeed to connect with the wireless network....

she didn't know what's wrong with my laptop,
and asked me to try again "another day" =_=

somebody please help me...
i want to type in chinese on my blog....

.....almost crying q_q


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