hello guys!
((i cannot type in chinese so i try to do it in english.))

after suffering 15 hours painful sleeplessness 
on the planes, now i finally sit in front of this dame 
MAC in the ANU college...(and FINALLY i find a right 
computer to write down these words)

maybe i am a lucky person, i think.

i have strong supports from my family and friends,
they always give me their warm when I need;
and i also met a nice person when i booked the 
plane to Melboune in HongKong. (in fact, this guy 
looks like the ex-boyfriend of one of my friend, so 
this make me feel funny..haha :Q)

this is my first time to go abord and i have to 
switch 2 planes to get here, especially the complete 
percedure of the costmos in Melboune makes 
me nervous.

i should indicate the chinese medicine and chinese 
tea in my luggage, and it tooks me a lot of time to pass 
through the checking staff, i kept watching my watch 
so many time because it only left 30 mins to catch 
the next plane.

and this new friend, Joe, really help me a lot:
he booked a nice seat so that i have 3-seat for sleep.
(but i can't sleep at all, the seats are very hard... )
and he also showed me the way to get my luggage
and how to go to the domestics airport
for switching the plane to Canberra.

when we said goodbye infont of the luggage calm, 
i experience my first forien goodby by contacting my 
cheek bone with his! ho~ maybe i will get used to it 
in the future *_*

my mood is good now, because i met another friend 
here, which is the girl i mentioned before,she has 
been here for 5 days~ Lucy gave her pear to me 
because i'm hungry and do not know where to eat. 
for me, she is the really brave girl :)

ok, i'm still sitting here and waiting my homestay to 
pick me up around 4 o'clock, hope the host can 
come here quickly, because i'm so tired and hungry....

when i settle my huge luggage and have a good sleep,
i will shoot a lots of pictures to post them in my blog.
hope i can use the internet in my homestay,
otherwise i don't knowhow to make it by using 
this MAC!!



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